Choosing between the cloud and disk backups

While there are many different options for a business looking to implement disaster recovery software, the cloud and hard drive backup options provide the clearest benefits in today’s digital age. For any business, this may mean investing in new technology, but there are unique reasons to go with either solution, or both.

According to the VAR Guy, data backup solutions have gone through significant evolutions, from the days of punch cards to the cloud. Many of today’s businesses are still using outdated solutions, or ones that simply don’t match their computing needs, and it is time for these companies to know the facts and update accordingly.

Technologies like virtualization, the cloud, and local on-site storage give businesses a number of pure and hybrid options to choose from when it comes to data backup software. Hybrid cloud/local solutions blend hard drive backup options with online storage, providing a business with unprecedented reliability and speed when it comes to backing up and recovering data. Virtualization also adds important storage minimization and organization options that allow a company to keep costs even lower.

However, not all businesses need a combination of online backup, virtualization, and hard drive solutions. Small businesses operating almost entirely in the cloud can make do with just the cloud for their disaster recovery needs, while businesses with virtually no online presence may want to stick with a local, on-site storage solution.

Regardless of what a business’ unique needs for data protection are, it does need a backup and recovery solution. By analyzing those unique needs, a company can make the best choice and implement it, protecting itself and minimizing the risk of data loss overall.