Preparing for cloud-based recovery

The cloud provides a number of tools and resources for a business to take advantage of, but none are quite as important as disaster recovery solutions.

With the cloud, a business gets easier access to backup images for testing, automated storage, and recovery. Additionally, companies can save money on their business continuity solutions through pay-as-you-go storage options and reduced operational costs. However, according to Data Center Knowledge, there are certain things an IT department has to do to prepare for the cloud.

Among these preparations, an IT department must first consider the type of cloud being deployed and its intended purpose. Will the solution be used purely for data backup software, or will regular storage occur? Will the cloud simply be an extension of the business’ normal operations?

Once these factors have been determined, the IT team can begin to implement the cloud and reap the benefits related to backup and recovery software. As a DR solution, the cloud provides swift, reliable access to data – a key factor in successful recovery.